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How to protect the copyright of your training and assessment materials Margaret Ryan (lawyer and trade marks attorney)

Training and assessment materials are normally protected by copyright in Australia. They are a valuable resource and should be protected from unauthorised copying, which may reduce their value and the value of the business which supplies these resources. Copyright is automatic In Australia copyright protection is automatic. As soon is an author records their thoughts […]
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Risk assessment and risk management at your organisation

Risk assessment and risk management at your organisation should be a continuous process. It involves best practices like identifying, assessing and mitigating risks. Risk assessment is the process of identifying and analysing the hazards, risks, and threats to an organisation. A risk assessment is a process to identify and evaluate the potential risks and threats […]
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Contextualisation – Why you must contextualise the training and assessment resources.

Understanding contextualisation Contextualising assessments and learner materials is one of the most thought-provoking tasks that RTOs face. Many RTOs are deemed non-compliant due to their contextualisation ‘methods’. What is contextualisation, what is the right way to do it, how is it done, why do RTOs conduct it incorrectly? Before explaining what is contextualisation, let’s first […]
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Quality training and assessment resources from CAQA Resources

While operating as a registered training organisation, you will be required to make a range of decisions, with obtaining high-quality training and assessment resources being among the most significant. To ensure that your students receive the learning experience necessary to function competently in their chosen vocation, you need to invest in quality assessment and learner […]
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