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Why a collaborative regulatory body is important for the training and education industry

Training and education have always been an industry that is surrounded by regulations, rules, and policies. The regulatory body provides a foundation for the training and education industry.

Collaboration is vital for success and it is important that the regulatory body has a collaborative and transparent approach in order to improve governance and accountability.

A collaborative regulatory body ensures that all involved parties have a say in training and education-related matters. It provides a platform for students, employees, employers, and government to voice their opinions on how they would like the institution run, regulations to operate and all stakeholders to be mutually accountable and benefitted.

Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for both sides to come together to find solutions for issues arising from either party’s point of view. It also ensures that there are no gaps in regulation that will allow bad players in the market to exploit students. A collaborative regulator ensures that there is no unnecessary wastage of time, resources, or money. It also makes sure that training programs offered by registered training organisations are delivered according to the standards.


By having an open discussion about the practices and guidelines proposed and implemented by the regulatory body, the stakeholders who are not involved in the work can learn about what needs to be done and how they can help.


A collaborative regulatory body helps promote innovation among different educational institutions so that they can offer quality training to their students.

The benefit of collaborative nature to this industry, in general, is that it improves educational quality and saves time by producing relevant content with shorter turnaround times.

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