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Case Study

Assisted a TAFE transitioning to the new training package

Transitioning to the new training package is a significant change for many organisations. The TAFE that approached us as they had thousands of students enrolled in the course. As part of the transition process, TAFE engaged CAQA to assist with the planning, preparation, and implementation of their transition plan and strategies. We worked closely with TAFE to understand their specific needs and requirements, and developed a tailored approach to support their transition.

The transition process was successfully completed within the timeframe set by ASQA, and TAFE reported positive outcomes as a result of CAQA’s assistance.

This case study demonstrates how CAQA was able to support TAFE through the transition to the new training package, and highlights the benefits of working with an experienced transition partner.

If you are planning a transition to a new training package, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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