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Message from the CEO (12 August 2022)

Message from the CEO This issue of the VET Sector is especially significant for us as our mother company Career Calling is celebrating 13 years in business. As a result, our newsletter contains some
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13th Anniversary of Career Calling

Happy Anniversary to us! At Career Calling, we are celebrating 13 years of providing compliance services and resources to training organisations across the country. At Career Calling we have assisted over a thousand training
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The intelligence of different types

Intelligence is a complex topic, and there is much debate surrounding what it actually is and how it can be measured. However, psychologists generally agree that there are four main types of intelligence: the
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In vocational education and training, what is assessment?

In the VET sector, assessment refers to the process of collecting evidence for making judgments about an individual’s competence or ability to perform a task or role against a standard expected in the workplace.
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Competency-based assessments (CBA) and competency-based training (CBT): purpose and benefits

After the Australian tripartite mission in 1987 (ACTU/TDC 1987) and the publication of Industry training in Australia: The need for change (Dawkins 1989a) and Improving Australia’s training system, many people believe that this is
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CAQA Resources’ process for developing assessment and learner resources

Our resource development process starts with engaging the highly qualified and experienced instructional designers to write all our training and assessment materials. We work with some of the most talented instructional designers in the
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The purpose of due-diligence audits

Due diligence is an important process to learn about when considering becoming a buyer for a registered training organisation (RTO). It is essential, before investing in a registered training organisation, that you have a
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Principles of assessment

An easy way to learn them: “Life isn’t fair, so you have to be flexible” “What’s the point of being valid if you’re not reliable?” What are the principles of assessment? Fairness During the
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Rules of evidence

An easy way to learn them: “I need something valid like a current driver’s license sufficient money for rent and an authentic friend” In the Rules of Evidence, important considerations around assessment evidence collection
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Validity of traditional assessment methods

There is a great deal of debate surrounding the validity of assessment methods in vocational education and training (VET). Some believe that traditional methods, such as open book and closed book examinations and long
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