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2021 fee relief now available to VRQA RTOs and non-school providers

Fee relief is available to eligible registered training organisations (RTOs) and non-school senior secondary providers (NSSSPs) to help ease the ongoing economic impact caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Minister for Education and the Minister for Training and Skills have provided fee relief to RTOs and NSSSPs by:

extending the VRQA’s financial powers to issue refunds to eligible providers which paid VRQA annual and re-registration fees between 17 February and 29 September 2021

waiving VRQA annual and re-registration fees that were due to be invoiced between 29 September and 31 December 2021 under Ministerial Order No. 1337.

Fees where invoices had been raised, between 17 February and 29 September 2021, but not yet paid will also be waived.

Schools and public sector bodies are not eligible for fee relief.

We are providing fee relief to eligible organisations, regardless of circumstance. We will notify you by email if you are eligible.

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