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Google will train more than 40 million people in cloud computing skills.

Google has said that it will train more than 40 million individuals in Google Cloud skills as a result of the pandemic’s acceleration of digital transformation for organisations across a wide range of industries that are experiencing a skills shortage.

As part of its efforts to reach this aim, the tech giant introduced Google Cloud Skills Boost, which provides online learning opportunities, skills development, and certifications that are managed and provided by Google Cloud.

Starting today, “Google Cloud Skills Boost” will enable access to more than 700 hands-on labs, role-based courses, skill badges, and certification resources — including 16 new learning paths — that will be available on-demand throughout the world, according to a statement from the firm.

According to the company, Google Cloud Skills Boost would enable learning and professional development on a previously unimaginable scale.

In a recent survey, more than 90 per cent of IT leaders stated that they intend to expand their cloud environments over the next several years, but more than 80 per cent of those same leaders stated that a lack of skills and expertise among their personnel is the primary impediment to this expansion.

“Through this new project, we hope to reduce barriers for businesses while also promoting professional success for individuals,” Google stated in a statement.

At the time of debut, the content is only available in English and Japanese, with support for additional languages to be added in the future.

If you subscribe to GCP before November 6, you will receive your first month of content at no cost, making it easier than ever to earn a Google Cloud certification or learn a new skill. GCP is a free service that makes it easier than ever to obtain a Google Cloud certification or learn a new skill.

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