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How ASQA assess the RTO registration renewal

ASQA is responsible for the assessment and registration of RTOs. ASQA must be satisfied that an RTO is meeting the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs 2015) for its registration to be renewed. ASQA takes a risk-management approach when they evaluate registration renewal applications. They use a structured process to assess applications and ensure they meet all the requirements for continued registration before approving. As part of its regulatory role, ASQA assesses RTO registration renewals to ensure that they continue to meet the RTO Standards. This includes a review of an RTO’s:

compliance history – An RTO’s compliance history is one factor that ASQA considers when assessing an application for renewal of registration. ASQA also considers the RTO’s current compliance status and any changes to the RTO’s operations since its last registration renewal. ASQA will consider any non-compliance issues that have been raised against the RTO, as well as the steps the RTO has taken to address these issues.

current operations and resources – your RTO’s policies and procedures, training and assessment materials, practices and resources, a schedule of training delivery for each course, trainers and assessors credentials, industry engagement and consultation, training and assessment strategies, RPL kits, LLN kits, student support and welfare, validation, transitioning from superseded to current training product, the results of recent audits, governance and administration processes and practices and marketing material are few of the things those can be considered for compliance purposes. ASQA also assesses the RTO’s financial viability and its capability to deliver high-quality training. The assessment process takes into account the RTO’s resources, including its staff, teaching and assessment practices, and facilities.

plans for future development – Future development plans refer to how a training organisation is preparing for its next steps, including but not limited to expanding into new markets or learner cohorts such as offshore markets, applying for CRICOS or funding contracts, and so forth.

To ensure you meet the requirements for renewal, you should review the following, but not limited to:

  • The Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015
  • The National VET Regulator’s guidance material
  • Your RTO’s scope of registration
  • Any changes that have occurred since your RTO registered
  • Compliant training and assessment resources
  • Industry engagement and consultation
  • Validation plan, processes and evidence
  • Marketing and advertising materials
  • Training and assessment strategies and practices (The quality of the training and assessment delivered by the RTO)
  • Student support and welfare
  • Quality management system (QMS) and risk management processes
  • Student and staff records
  • Policies and procedures manual
  • Transitioning practices and documentation
  • The competence of trainers and assessors employed by the RTO
  • The resources and facilities available to the RTO
  • The student engagement and satisfaction levels with the RTO’s courses and services
  • Any complaints or breaches of ASQA’s standards by the RTO

ASQA conducts regular audits of registered training organisations (RTOs) to ensure they are meeting the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs). These audits can be either announced or unannounced, and can cover any or all of the aspects mentioned above.

If an RTO does not meet all the requirements, ASQA may take enforcement action. However, ASQA recognise that some RTOs may have made mistakes in the past but have since taken steps to improve their operations. In these cases, they may consider granting a conditional approval to allow the RTO time to continue meeting all the requirements. ASQA’s risk-management approach ensures that all registered RTOs are continuing to meet the high standards they expect. If ASQA is not satisfied that an RTO meets the requirements of the Standards, the RTO’s registration may not be renewed.

It is therefore important for RTOs to maintain high levels of compliance at all times, and to rectify any issues that are identified during an audit. This helps ensure that students receive quality training and assessment that meets the required standards.

For more information, please refer to asqa.gov.au/rto/renew-rto-registration




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