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Message from the CEO (27 June 2022)

Message from the CEO

The VET Sector is an online magazine and newsletter that is dedicated to providing information, resources, and articles for all stakeholders of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). In each edition, we cover topics that are relevant and important to RTOs, such as compliance, resources, and best practices. Our goal is to provide valuable information that will help RTOs improve their operations and better serve their students. 

In this edition of The VET Sector, we have covered a number of compliance and resources-related articles. We have included as always invaluable information and articles for all our RTO stakeholders, from trainers, marketing team, operations, governance, and administration to compliance, there is something for everyone in these articles. You will also find a privacy policy template that our team has created for you to use and customise your privacy policy for your training organisation. 

If you participate, share your ideas, feedback, and thoughts, and discuss how we can improve The VET Sector, we would love to hear from you!

Sukh Sandhu





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