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What are Student Assessments?

An effective assessment tool allows learners to demonstrate their skills and knowledge according to set learning objectives.

It is necessary to assess students’ progress and understanding of concepts. To do this, trainers and assessors rely on both formative and summative assessments.

Formative assessments are used during the learning, whereas summative assessments are used at the end of the learning journey.

Formative assessments provide feedback on students’ progress in their learning process, whereas summative assessment is meant to measure their mastery of the content and also to demonstrate their competency in a training product. They can be given through online portals (learning management systems) or in-person training sessions. The formative assessments can include quizzes, homework, tests and interactive class activities. The summative assessment tools can include knowledge-based questions, projects, practical observations, portfolios and so on.

The need for an assessment tool is to assess all the knowledge and information that students should have learned from the course.

How are we changing our student assessments?

We continuously update our learner and assessment resources to ensure we stay up to date and current with all the changes happening in the VET industry and RTO sector. Therefore, we have recently updated a number of our assessment resources to include the following:

  • A new user-friendly template that is comprehensively redesigned
  • A separate unit requirements tool to capture all training package requirements
  • Detailed benchmarking of projects and skill tests
  • Comprehensive mapping document showing how the training package criteria has been addressed

We have systematically and compressively updated all our assessment and training resources.

CAQA Resources

CAQA Resources delivers high-quality solutions in the form of compliant RTO resources that are comprehensive and totally adaptable to meet your specific requirements as well as the needs and requirements of your students.

When it comes to providing high-quality learning and assessment for your learners, CAQA Resources is your go-to resource for staying compliant. In our RTO resources, training and learning materials, assessment tools, as well as learning kits, we provide a comprehensive selection of resources for a wide range of qualifications.

Visit our website and look through our comprehensive list of qualifications. Please contact us at 03 8103 8000 / 1800 266 160 for more information on how to obtain the best training resources for your RTO. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can assist with the development of new assessment and learner resources.

Training Packages: CAQA Resources can deliver resources from the following training packages:

  • AHC – Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package
  • AUR – Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training Package
  • BSB – Business Services Training Package
  • CHC – Community Services Training Package
  • CPC – Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package
  • CUA – Creative Arts and Culture Training Package
  • EAL – English as an Additional Language Training Package
  • FBP – Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Training Package
  • FNS – Financial Services Training Package
  • FSK – Foundation Skills Training Package
  • FWP – Forest and Wood Products Training Package
  • HLT – Health Training Package
  • ICP – Printing and Graphic Arts Training Package
  • ICT – Information and Communications Technology Training Package
  • MEM – Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package
  • MSF – Furnishing Training Package
  • MSM – Manufacturing Training Package
  • MSS – Sustainability Training Package
  • NUR – Nursing Training Package
  • PMA – Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining Training Package
  • PSP – Public Sector Training Package
  • RII – Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package
  • SHB – Hairdressing and Beauty Services Training Package
  • SIR – Retail Services Training Package
  • SIS – Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package
  • SIT – Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package
  • TAE – Training and Education Training Package




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