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Strategic Review into First Aid units of competency in Western Australia

The Training Accreditation Council’s risk management approach to regulation is to consider the risks to the quality of vocational education and training outcomes on an ongoing basis. Underpinned by the Council’s Risk Framework, stakeholders are informed about the Council’s regulatory focus areas via its Regulatory Strategy.

The Council’s Focus on Quality: Regulatory Strategy 2021-2023 identifies First Aid units of competency as an area of focus. Issues that have come to the attention of the Council include: the quality of training and assessment, including online practices; amount of training; industry currency of trainers and assessors; and RTO facilities and equipment.

The First Aid Strategy will focus on the following units of competency:

HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (previously HLTAID001)

HLTAID010 Provide basic emergency life support (previously HLTAID002)

HLTAID011 Provide First Aid (previously HLTAID003)

HLTAID012 Provide First Aid in an education and care setting (previously HLTAID004)

The First Aid Strategic Review includes:

1. Explicit scope

As per the TAC Regulatory Strategy 2021–2023, RTOs who have not previously been scoped in the superseded first aid units and submit an application to add the new units, will be audited.
In addition, RTOs who have added the replacement units to their explicit scope will be audited six months after the amendment to scope is approved, to check deployment.

2. Implicit Scope

As per the TAC Regulatory Strategy 2021–2023, monitoring audits of RTOs with CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations (or the superseded qualifications) on scope of registration, will include first aid units in the audit sample.

In addition, for RTOs with first aid units as implicit scope, not linked to the qualifications listed above, audits will take place over the next 12 months as qualifications that list the relevant first aid units are updated.

TAC RTOs selected to participate in the review will be contacted shortly.

For more information, please visit tac.wa.gov.au




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