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Unpacking ASQA audit reports and files (Part 3)

Let’s look into what is actually going on in the audits and ASQA practices. This is part 3 of the ongoing series. We are referring here a number of cases from the different audits conducted by the Australian  Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). 

1. ASQA officers justifying their statements using information that contradicts all documented and credible evidence.


2. Maybe understanding the training package requirements and course entry requirements to enrol into a course might help. 


3. Targeting the RTO’s based on the training and assessment resource provider they use!! Referring to the resource provider names in the official documents submitted to Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).  


4. Assessment resources are non-compliant because an Auditor has said so? 


5. ASQA questioning the credibility of RTO staff by using completely incorrect and ridiculous information  


6. Industry suggested feedback implemented and all clauses made compliant except the main clause 1.6 of “Industry consultation” 


7. How can you make up your mind before auditing an organisation? What is the purpose of audit then? Is the audit merely a bureaucratic process? 


8. Incompetency to its highest level 


9. Using the Financial Viability Risk Assessment clauses for malicious reasons. You cancel the RTO registration,  you wait until the RTOs have no other options than to shut down their operations and wind-up their businesses. 


10. Being part of practices that are not part of any regulatory activities

Questions raised: 

  1. Do you believe that ASQA is repeatedly and knowingly violating the NVR Act, 2011 and wilfully abused process in its dealing with scores, if not hundreds, of quality private RTOs?  

  2. Do you think ASQA has been attempting, and sometimes even been successful, in gaming the outcomes at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)?

  3. Does this reflect the conduct of a model litigant and regulatory body in the 21st century? 

  4. Has it been exploiting the Standards and using excessive delays to impose additional financial and personal stress on RTO owners, senior managers and all other employees? 

  5. Who are the people behind these decisions, conducts and acts of injustice and corruption? 

  6. Why has the Australian taxpayer’s money been used to fight these cases in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal? 


Most importantly:                  

How have ASQA’s Solicitors, General Managers, Managers and Commissioners got away with this conduct for so long?




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