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Student-centred principles for educational providers with overseas students

In this article, we are discussing the top 10 student-centred principles that every educational provider must implement for the welfare and support of International students. 

  1. Educational provider must develop a thorough and well-planned risk management plan, framework according to The Australian and New Zealand Risk Management Standard AS/NZS 4360:2004 and regulatory standards and requirements. 
  2. Quality Management System (QMS) and risk management should be included in the ongoing planning processes and committee meetings. 
  3. Document policies and procedures to ensure students have adequate support to enrol and complete their Australian studies. Make sure you do what you say! 
  4. The student enrolment processes must follow regulatory standards and guidelines. 
  5. The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements are strictly followed through 
  6. Institutions have their own English-language tests to identify LLN needs of the students.
  7. Only the eligible students are enrolled in the Australian qualifications. 
  8. Australian institutes are providing coaching and mentoring facilities to its students. 
  9. Universities, as registered providers, should regularly review their contractual relationships with private providers to identify and mitigate the risks. 
  10. The independent audits must have been conducted by the experts to ensure organisations comply with all the regulatory requirements and legislative guidelines. 

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