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Why keep in touch with what is happening in the VET sector

Information is power. The more you read, the more you understand the world around you. The VET world is evolving at a lightning speed and is changing the way we all used to do things.

Continuous learning in the VET sector is a must.

Why should you keep in touch with the VET updates

  • Because you are a stakeholder in the industry.
  • It can help you to understand the changes in the sector otherwise you may be out-of-date.
  • You can analyse how the changes are going to affect you and your training and education business.
  • You can rely on your future decisions by having more plausible and realistic information and be able to identify threats and opportunities starting at an early stage.
  • It helps to develop an excellent competitive edge that will help you shape the strategy of your Registered Training Organisation
  • Latest industry-related news, trends, and directions will help you be better prepared to keep up with everything new coming your way, improve your skills, and not be taken by surprise or miss out on any opportunities.  
  • It helps you build your knowledge, expertise and wisdom.
  • You explore new opportunities for growth and knowledge.
  • Sometimes you get free templates and forms to use for your registered training organisation etc.

How can you stay up-to-date?

You can stay up-to-date by attending webinars, professionals development sessions, subscribing to VET journals, newsletters and magazines.

Some really good sources to stay up-to-date are:

Websites of Australian VET regulators:

ASQA’s website https://www.asqa.gov.au

VRQA’s website https://www.vrqa.vic.gov.au/VET/Pages/default.aspx

Training Accreditation Council (TAC) websitehttp://www.tac.wa.gov.au/industry/Industryregulators/Pages/default.aspx

Other important websites:

Department of Education and Training https://www.education.gov.au

Department of Education and Training (International)https://internationaleducation.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx

Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)  http://cricos.education.gov.au

National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) https://www.ncver.edu.au

English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) http://elicos.com

English Australia’s website https://www.englishaustralia.com.au

NEAS website https://www.neas.org.au

World Skills Australia’s website https://www.worldskills.org.au

Australian Industry and Skills Committee’s website https://www.aisc.net.au

Training.Gov.Au (National register) https://training.gov.au/Home/Tga

ACER’s website https://www.acer.org/assessment

Skills service organisations

Artibus Innovation http://www.artibus.com.au

PwC’s Skills for Australia https://www.skillsforaustralia.com

Australian Industry Standards https://www.australianindustrystandards.org.au

Skills IQ https://www.skillsiq.com.au

Skills impact https://www.skillsimpact.com.au

E-Oz Energy Skills Australia http://e-oz.com.au

Innovation and Business Skills Australia https://www.ibsa.org.au

Skills DMC https://sustainableskills.org/skillsdmc/

Professional networks:

ACPET’s website https://www.acpet.edu.au

Velg Training website https://www.velgtraining.com

Do you want to add more helpful resources in this list? Write to us at info@caqa.com.au.

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